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Milk mate is great. I wasn’t sure about it at first something I never tried before. I found myself losing a lot of milk so thought I’d try this product. So easy to use. I use them at night when I sleep in between breast feeding. By the morning they are mostly full some nights not as much. No leakage, serialisation safe, easy to clean and comfortable to wear. Makes you feel more confident when wearing them during the day when your out, no leakage through the bra. I would recommend this product to any mother.

Milk Mate Breast Milk Collection Shells

Great Product

Love the colour, the design and how vompact it is. The massager works beautifully with several great settings, and so depending on what you want you set the intensity and mode. The design can also get around my pump and work really well. One flaw is that it's too loud, louder than my pump.

Could improve design

Otherwise work great in terms of collecting milk instead of wasting breastpads. But it can get uncomfortable even with the silicone? It can get really hot with these things on. Design could improve with a suction function of sorts would be even better.

I love it!

Works awesome! I use it at home at work. Its discreet and helps with let down and i havent had any lumps and bumps anywhere since then!

Milk Mate Breast Milk Collector Bundle
Emma C.
My best purchase so far

Being a first time mum, my initial experience of breastfeeding wasn’t one I look back on fondly.
Thinking pre birth “oh it will be fine, it just will naturally happen”… less than 24 hours postpartum, my nipples were bruised, lacerated and bleeding. The air hurt them, let alone my newborn son and his vacuum mouth.
With some help from a lactation midwife, I managed to regain some confidence and began to successfully breastfeed, however I have a low milk supply and my son needs top ups after each feed. The Milkmate literally saves every drop of let down whilst feeding, plus gently suctions to capture a little extra of my liquid gold, so that I can store it for my boys top ups rather than using formula.
I use it at every feed, and when I pump on the opposite side, ensuring no waste.
Great buy for any breastfeeding mummas, I would even say it’s a life saver!
Also, thank you for the handwritten note inside my order, such a nice touch!

Milk Mate Breast Milk Collector Bundle
Mrs S.
Highly recommend this product!

I purchased the Milk Mate milk catcher, it has been great and when feeding my daughter I can catch a whole feed off the opposite  side. I don’t even know if I’ll need my pump this time around! I have only used The shells once as the milk catcher has been so successful. They are good for catching the little bits of let down, and I think would be good in the early stages of breastfeeding when nipples are sensitive to stop clothes rubbing on them between feeds.
I am definitely recommending to any breastfeeding mums I know!


100% recommend. Fits nicely inside bra, not uncomfortable at all. Now I don’t have to worry about soaking through a breast pad after one let down.

I was so surprised!

I had my second baby a week ago and have been so shocked with how much milk I have managed to catch with the milk mate. I didn’t use anything like this first time around.
I’m on a pretty full on Feed / pump / top up bubs schedule to make sure she gains weight so every drop counts and I’m so glad I had this ready to go when I found out I needed to work on my supply.

Milk Mate I Need All The Things Combo
Amey B.

What a beautiful kit for new mums navigating breastfeeding. It really is all the things you need.

Milk Mate Pump and Massager Combo
Thank you

Will use it in a few months but looks great and what I wanted. And love the hand written note! Thank you 🙂

Milk Mate Pump and Massager Combo
Hayley M.

Thank you for my new product 🥰
I can’t wait to try it out

And the delivery was so fast ☺️

I would recommend you to a lot of my mama friends ☺️


Quickly delivered and quality made. Perfect for catching that amazing milk that used to go to go to waste now bub can get it all.

Milk Mate Breast Milk Collector Bundle
Nicole B.
Loved it so much I bought another two!

Whilst initially “gifted” a second-hand big-name pump with a thousand parts, I promptly returned after discovering Milk Mate. We purchased the 150ml and loved its compact size and easy-to-clean nature, before purchasing two additional 100ml Milk Mates to have three on rotation. The extra milk they collect gives me piece of mind - stored away for emergencies, and also kept my supply up in my left breast when baby was struggling to latch. Definitely recommend spending the extra $10 on the 150ml with lanyard, particularly if you have an active baby who likes to kick when breastfeeding! Love that they’re an Aussie owned company too, and that I can just throw it in the nappy bag. Buy one - you won’t regret it!

Great product

Can't wait to use this product to support my over supply issues. Impressed with quality, communication and delivery!

Bang on!

Super soft silicone and a nice shape. Works well to get rid of lumps and manage mastitis.

Milk Mate Pump and Massager Combo
Tamara K.

Thank you so much for such incredible products with such high quality, phenomenal customer service and quick delivery! You are amazing and so happy I purchased ☺️

Just what I was looking for

The universal lid fits my big brand (TT) silicon breast pump which is fantastic. The silicone lid creates a really tight seal. I must say though, I also received the Milk Mate silicone pump and it is a far superior product. It's softer, lighter and has much better suction. It will definitely be my go to. Thank you milk mate 💕

Another happy customer!

Fast & friendly service. Quick delivery! Looking forward to trying this once my Bub arrives in 10 weeks!

Perfect little tool and great service

The lactation massager is fantastic and definitely helps get those milk ducts flowing! I notice the difference if I pump without the massager vs with and it halves my pumping time! The service from Anna is also exceptional and personal. Hard to find companies with this quality of product and the service to go with it. Thank you!!

I love it, Anna - great product! Simple and easy to use. Thanks so much! Blessings to you and yours :)

These are great! Easy to use and clean, saves on breast pads too. Noticeable when wearing tight clothing though but overall I’m loving these.

Mess free

These have been perfect for making breastfeeding the the first few weeks mess free!! I NZ was sick of changing my clothes every feed! The silicone plug makes it much better than other brands I have tried

Great product and super fast shipping

Amazing product and so easy to use.

Tremendous help with blocked ducts

I got the milk mate a few days ago and it has really helped with my blocked ducts. I get them all the time and using my hand and fingers was hard work to try and get rid of them. The milk mate makes it much easier!