About Us

Milk Mate is a growing social community of mums supporting mums and their little milk mates.

Milk Mate supports all mums no matter what their breastfeeding story is. We celebrate successes together and provide support to those feeling challenged, as a community.

We want to make sure you are provided with the latest breastfeeding information, as well as tips and tricks from other mums to help you make decisions that best suit your baby.

At Milk Mate, we want you to know that you have a choice and a voice, and we want to hear it.

We believe that:

Every voice counts.

Every drop counts.


A little bit about me… 

Hi, I’m Anna,

I have my own little cheeky milk mate! His name is Tobias, but we call him Tobi.

I started Milk Mate at home in a small rural town in New South Wales during the emotional rollercoaster that is becoming a first-time mum. I had my own struggles with breastfeeding and it was during this very isolating and lonely time that I realised there was not a lot of support but plenty of misinformation getting around. Tobi had a severe lip tie and tongue tie, which made feeding challenging. We battled through his first 12 weeks together until surgery resolved his issue and breastfeeding was finally enjoyable for me.  

So, after a pretty rough start to my breastfeeding journey, I realised I wanted to provide a community that supports mums through their breastfeeding challenges and successes. I wanted to share the latest scientific and fact-based information around breastfeeding and offer safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly products that makes our journey easier.

We are a 100% family run and Australian owned company and our passion for supporting mums comes from our own struggles but also the wonderful successes we have experienced along the way.

No matter what your breastfeeding journey is, please join our Milk Mate community and share your story, because we’re all mates here.

Anna x