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I love it, Anna - great product! Simple and easy to use. Thanks so much! Blessings to you and yours :)

These are great! Easy to use and clean, saves on breast pads too. Noticeable when wearing tight clothing though but overall I’m loving these.

Mess free

These have been perfect for making breastfeeding the the first few weeks mess free!! I NZ was sick of changing my clothes every feed! The silicone plug makes it much better than other brands I have tried

Great product and super fast shipping

Amazing product and so easy to use.

Tremendous help with blocked ducts

I got the milk mate a few days ago and it has really helped with my blocked ducts. I get them all the time and using my hand and fingers was hard work to try and get rid of them. The milk mate makes it much easier!

great product

very happy with the product, arrived quickly and does a great job of collecting let down. Can wear them under loose clothing but noticeable under tight clothes.

Thank You

My second purchase from Milk Mate and again I was not disappointed.
The heading is spot on, it truly is everything you need.

Postage was super fast I received my order within 2 days of ordering.

Again Anna thank you so much.

Great products. Great service

Such amazing Service. Beautifully packaged.
Love these products. Wish i had for my first!!

love it

gentle and easy to use, prefer it over the power pump. thank you

Fast dispatch

I am a very long way off trying this but happy with the service.

Great designs

I exclusively expressed for the first few weeks after my son was born using a single electric pump on one side, with the Milk Mate pump on the other side collecting almost as much with no effort. Now that I’m breastfeeding, putting one of the shells in my bra on the other side while I’m feeding has caught enough letdown to make up a feed a day. The only issue I have is remembering to pop it in before I start! I’ve also used the pump while block feeding or between feeds to take off the pressure; it’s hands-free so really easy (although a bit silly looking) to use while doing other things. All the pieces are very easy to clean and use, and well made. Please note I have a very high supply so if you’re expecting this won’t necessarily be your experience.

Why didn’t I do this earlier?!

I received my Milk Mate last week and it has changed my daily routine of expressing so much less stressful!
Like most mummy’s these days we have the stress of going back to work early on in our babies lives.
I want my baby to have breast milk for as long as I can and he wants and this gives me the best of both worlds!
Thank you so much!

So handy and works!

Best purchase for myself. Wasn’t sure how it would work but it does. I have a lot of milk therefore a lot of letdown and before I started using the milk mate I would b drenched in milk. Catches all the let down whilst feeding on the other breast but also good to relieve some fullness before a feed. Super easy and so so handy highly recommend!

Very easy to use

Love my milk mate, easy to use and help me to empty out some milk on the days where I have to go to work

Love so cute!

Everything was so cute smaller than I thought but I love them

Great service, compact & hassle free

I have both - electric pump from a second-hand market and now I got Milk Mate. It takes a lot less room and is easy to pack to go. Will update the review once I actually get to use it - which by the look of it will be fabulous.

Awsome product

Lovely service Personal delivery adds that personal touch Highly recommend

Great quality

Good quality and fast delivery .can't wait to use

A great way to save you bras from being soaked in let down milk from the opposite breast as you feed from the other. It doesn't collect as much milk as a suction catcher like the haakaa does but it doesn't get in the way of your baby's feet and get kicked off or spill milk everywhere either, so I prefer to use this over my haakaa

Great product

This is a great product, it really draws my inverted nipple out. I have been having trouble getting my baby to latch and he is beginning to try now that I can draw my nipple out more before offering it to him

Amazing product

Love the product - so easy to use and very effective. The packaging is beautiful too!

Thank you!

Just received my Milk Mate. Thank you so much for the handwritten card in the box! Was very sweet of you! Can't wait to use it! Love the packaging of the massager by the way!

Pretty design and packaging / Arrived fast.

Everything is good. Expected the pump and shields to be a bit more unique (not generic looking) but they work ok and the massager is a quite small but super powerful :) still trying to learn how to use it best

I like that the pump is all one part, no little hidden gaps for germs to build up unexpectedly.
Thank you for a great product

Super impressed!

My first use I had my electric pump on one side and the milk mate on the other, milk mate collected 4x more than the pump! Couldn’t believe it. Only wish I’d gotten one sooner.